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He handed his glass of wine to her. "This first game is only a practice, right?" He asked the other gentleman as they paused to watch him choose his cue. Sherri backed up to the dry bar and took her seat on the only bar stool there. Holding both glasses in hand on her lap, her attention was on Joe. By surprise she drinks his down to the last drop. As she realizes it, she cant hide the lipstick. Would he notice?
  As he comes to wet his whistle, he still has one eye on the game, She focuses her eyes on his lips. She subtly rests the empty glass on the bar. turning it so the lipstick was on the far side, as if? He hands the wine back to her. With a glance she smiles at him but did he even notice? Now her glass was the only one on her lap, ,He thanks her.                            "I'll be right back as soon as I beat the game", he giggles.  She laughs as she was sitting there watching him while keeping an eye on the couch.  He looks back at her, seeing her watching him, and smiles. She blushes, knowing there was more to look at here than her. Just then she notices some one leave the room. Yes! The couch has an empty spot, and she had her chance to secure it. Racing over to it she flops down. As she does, one piece of ice jumps out of the glass. Just at that moment, Joe finds her with his eyes. He see's the ice make its leap out of the glass, right down her blouse and into her cleavage. It oozed its way through her valley, leaving a trail of moisture between her breasts. He stood there mesmerized by her, watching as she  looks down at the mishap and thinking no one saw.
Slowly melting its way the moisture on her warm smooth soft skin looked seductive.  She is so sexy! She also wondered if any one else caught this action while hoping no one.  Pulling up her shirt.  Joe could see her naval piercing.  "Mm mm" he thought.  She had noticed the ice had found its way down to the top of her jeans,
Just then Chad pats Joe on his back. "You ready to finish this one?" he asked, waking him up from his trance!                 "Yeah, just one more shot." he smiled,as if he was attentive to the game at hand
Your sweat lets me breathe

Your scent keeps my heart thumping

Your eyes keep my vision in the sky

I cant breathe, drip your sweat on me;

Cant bump, hearts stumped spray your poison my way;

My head on the floor flash your blues by the door

Into my sight, lift me into flight;

Your hand pulls me back nothing I lack


Lynn Dirden
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I have been scrolling for a long time as only a hobby, but i would like to design patterns. I love to write also, poems short stories and the like.

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